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Story mode

Unravel the truth hidding in deep corners of XXX inc. factory. Enjoy set of 30 carefully designed levels in basic story with regurarly realesed 10 levels side stories.



Build Your own puzzles, levels and even whole stories in fully customable sandbox with scriptable events. Use hundreds of interactable and environmental objects and release creativity.



Share the levels you have made with friends and all the people out there and check how they like them. Enjoy what others have made! Endless possibilities gives endless fun.



Enjoy story mode, sandbox and full extent of shared levels on PC, Linux and Mac. Use Android/iOS version of game to get access to special story mode and enjoy mobile section of shared levels wherever You are!


Malfunction is isometric full 3d puzzle - game inspired by Monument Valley and alike. It is based on strictly physic mechanics with a little futuristic twist. The goal may be different each level but what is essential to Malfunction is to use all you can spin, drag, drop, pull, push, throw, spill and swipe to let Our Little Friend precede.

What’s different about Malfunction is that You not only get to experience deep story driven campaign but also and maybe what’s most important You get to create it Yourself. If you like puzzle-games and always thought they are awesome, now you will be able to create it yourself. The biggest part of game will be creative sandbox mode in which you will have access to every item existing in game. Not only will you use them to build your own levels and even group them into campaigns but also script those with build-in intuitive tool. This will allow you to make custom events that happen to Our Little Friend in your adventures.

What’s fun putting so much effort creating when nobody can see it, right?

That’s why you will be able to share your work with other players and let them play it. Of course that also works the other way around.

If that all sounds to you like an idea for mobile game you got it half right. Besides making and playing complicated puzzles that do not fit mobile, there will be special simplified version of game for Android and iOS on which you will be able to play certain campaigns and sandbox levels.

Our Team

Hello! My name is Jakub Hakiel.
I’m one and only member of mine development team, that means its family business. I’m 27 years old PhD student from Poland and my dream is to make games. Yeah, I know, I’m a dreamer but I know that with big dreams comes hell of a lot of work to make them come true. Below you can see why I think I can make it come true.

Jakub Hakiel

Studio Head

I’m a gamer. Since i remember I’ve been playing games, from old school consoles to high performance PC games. I like when game is difficult, demanding but rewarding, that’s when i get most joy from it.

Jakub Hakiel

Art Director

My passion is photography and graphic design. Since high school I’m always either doing photos, drawing or working with computer graphic.

Jakub Hakiel

Head Developer

I’m making my games in Unity and it’s a blast. That just feels right, like all things i’ve been doing till now (photography, graphic, programming) was all meant for me to finally discover this.

Jakub Hakiel

Head Programmer

All my work since starting studies at university is connected to programming. I’ve been doing numerical modeling and writing my own tools in C++,C# and java for 9 years now and i feel like those are becoming my main language.

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